Life at IHM Hyderabad: Learning and Enjoyment Accompanies Each Other
IHM Hyderabad Campus Life: Fun activities in the form of cultural fest, competitions, and events at IHM Hyderabad are source of both learning and enjoyment for students.
Virtual tour of the Aromatic IHM Pusa
IHM Pusa Campus Life: get glimpse of Campus Life at IHM Pusa through series of photographs narrating campus routine of students. with interesting
Life at IHM Bangalore: Experience Campus Life with Arjun Kala
IHM Bangalore Campus Life: Arjun Kala shares how maintaining a pace with high standards of grooming, although difficult task for him as made him more responsible person.
Campus Life at IHM, Hyderabad: See the sights of IHM, Hyderabad with Abhirup Bokan
Abhirup Bokan Hotel management student at IHM, Hyderabad shares Campus Life at IHM, Hyderabad
Life at IHM Bangalore: Learning Skills with a Dash of Fun
IHM Bangalore Campus Life: learning team work and embracing professional skills are a few shades of vibrant IHM Bangalore campus life.
Life at IHM Hyderabad: Experience Campus Life with Shweta Harinder
A student Shweta Harinder shares her campus life experience and how it enabled her move beyond her comfort zone to emerge as more suitable person for the hospitality sector.
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