Kiran 2012: The Rise

Published On: 27-Aug-2012, 06:06 PM IST


The wait is finally over and the red carpet is all ready to be set on fire. Guys, its Kiran 2012: The Rise. The Rise- Rebel, revolt and rise. This is the message that students of Kishinchand Chellaram College are all set to give out to the whole world. Come August 31st, Kiran 2012 will redefine the term 'Revolutionaries'! Yes, Kiran 2012: The Rise celebrates Revolutionaries of all times, spanning all eras, across all spheres of life!

Revolutionaries- the word reminds us of freedom fighters, war heroes and so on. But Kiran 2012 acknowledges all those great individuals who in their own way have set a revolution that has changed the way people live. The revolutions that have broken norms and created a frenzy in their field like never before. These are people like Michael Jackson, Mark Zuckerberg, Rajesh Khanna, Lady Gaga, Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Mahatma Gandhi, Christopher Nolan, etc who have created a frenzy and have re-set the rules in their respective fields. They are the revolutionaries that have rebelled, revolted and have risen. Kiran 2012 salutes all such people.

The theme this year is also a call out to the youth of this nation, to revolt, rebel and rise against all evil odds in the Indian society. The events this year will thus see a blend of tributes to the old revolutionaries, as well as a way to create new ones.

The fest scheduled to be held on 31st August to 1st September this year is all set to pull a crowd of more than 15,000 college going youth. Alongside the usual events, Kiran 2012 this year has in its bag some of the most wonderful workshops. These includes-Evidence: Crime Scene to Crime Lab, Bhangra, How to perform magic, Women's defense- kick boxing, Latin Ballroom and Zumba Fitness.

So guys, be ready for another revolutionary inter-collegiate festival knocking at your door louder to say: Its Kiran 2012: The Rise. So are you ready for the revolution?;)

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